Passion & Lust / Fashion Editorial for IMIRAGE magazine | TEA GUARASCIO
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Fashion Editorial for IMIRAGE Magazine


Art Direction & Photography: Tea Guarascio
Model: Monica Sariego , Tatiana & Tony
Stylist: Daniel Vallet Gallera
Hair Stylist: Emiliano Riccardi
Make Up Artist: Laura Caro Infante


Nowadays society, everything surrounding us is purely ephemeral, begins and ends in an instant. All ens up breaking up and love is not anymore that sweet fairy tale we learned as kids. When we watched those elderly couples together dreamily.

We only see the today, enjoying freedom in its more raw form, no more taboos for sex, we live for and through passion, the wild lust. We don’t care what anyone says about us, wildness leads our lives.

Forbidden passion, unhibited and obscured.

Life and Death joined together through the most decadent lust.