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LIGHT MEMORY by Tea Guarascio
Vj Mapping – Vj Set – Vj Poem

This visual project want create a new dimension of perception between images and sound .
The origin of forms and digital landscapes represents the origin of the energy and light creation.
The concept came from The basis of quantum memory:
Light stopped completely for a minute inside a crystal: This effectively creates light memory, where the image being carried by the light stored in crystals.
In the same way this visual project work on a manipulation of the light and images mixed with a cristal reflection and power of light colors.
All footage is original and create from the artist in real time , fusion and generation from a sound is a character, peculiarity of the art of Tea Guarascio.

All superficies , or spaces, tent, floor, dome , or part of nature can be mapped and reborn in a visual -space dimension.