The MIRA festival is an international place holder in the visual arts calendar bringing new creations, unexpected symbiosis, knowledge transfer and opportunities to ensure musical and visual artistic collaborations are fostered.

It’s a cultural event that bases its proposal in three connected areas: exhibition, divulgation and education.

The thought provoking events, held in the city of Barcelona, combine unique spaces and architecture to spread different cultural initiatives, such as concerts, installations, conferences and workshops showcasing visual and technological innovation.

MIRA encourages collaboration, enables the emergence of new projects and supports relationships from collectives, associations and individuals linked with visual creation.

What differentiates MIRA from other festivals and cultural activities, is the ability to interweave the visual and music elements to transform them into a unique and immersive experience for the public.

We want to create genuine sensory experiences.

mira festival

Tea Guarascio
This Italian born great visual artist and now currently based in Barcelona is visiting us for the first time, carrying her unique vision to the festival’s stage. Under the motto of her latest work, back to basics, Tea will give us a great visual show which brings her own definition of what is the job of VJ, variants, methods, techniques, shapes, textures, influences and visible results for the audience.


– November 14th 2014
Festival MIRA – Razzmatazz/LOFT – Barcelona

pics from vj set in Razzmatazz

bld+tea mira

bld+vjtea mira

– November 15th 2014
Festival MIRA – FABRA I COATS – Barcelona

Frames of a live show in Fabra I Coats